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Whilst winter in Norfolk is a joyous occasion for some, it can be a different story if you’ve got to get on the road. But don’t worry too much as A.T. Johnson Motor Factors holds the full Tetrosyl / Bluecol winter products catalogue. Stuck in snow in an emergency? Tetrosyl’s Bluecol snow grip is the answer and will ensure your tires stick to the iciest road. Is your windscreen frozen every morning? Tetrosyl’s screen wash and antifreeze products will not only offer freezing protection as low as -36 °C but will also repel water and lubricate your wipers. With Tetrosyl’s Bluecol winter products, you can be confident knowing you’ve got some of the best winter products money can buy. As the leading independent manufacturer in the sector, Tetrosyl also know a thing or two about how to make a good oil. With all varieties of vehicles covered, their Market-leading Triple R (Road, Racing, Rally) lubricants exceed most manufacturer requirements, meaning you'll be getting only the very best for your car.

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